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Political Bureau Movement

代引不可 メディアファイブ 平島式東大合格暗記術 社会保険労務士試験 6ヶ月保証版

PKMS is probably the only Political Party in Singapore with it’s own Building. Here, we attach a brief History of PKMS since it initially started.

お名前シール 柄デザイン おなまえシール ネームシール 選べる 保育園 幼稚園 小学校 入園準備 入学準備

Up to date we already have 3 editions of Warta and the fouth one is on the way. These Warta will be printed around 6000 – 10,000 per edition and will be distributed to public at some neighbourhood areas, outside Mosques after Friday Prayers, to MMOs, Mosques and PKMS Members.

PKMS Supreme Council Members

Organisation Chart of PKMS Supreme Council Members for the term 2016 - 2018.

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